Old people have heap of problems with technology

Almost half of over 55s in the UK use technology extensively, but only three percent feel confident enough to tackle a technical problem, according to a survey by Virgin Digital Help.

The report found that nearly half of over 55’s in the UK owned a PC and regularly use it to communicate with friends online, while a substantial 89 percent owned a digital camera. 

Seventy-five percent of older people said they regularly used the Internet on a daily basis, destroying the myth of an aging population out of tune with technology. The same number of people felt that they were fully responsible for their technology.

Fifty percent suffered problem with slow Internet speeds during the last year, while 39 percent currently have unresolved problems with their Internet connections.

Eighty percent had problems setting up computer equipment during the same period.

And 39 percent spent between £26 and £50 on fixing just a single technical problem in the last year, highlighting the exorbitant prices many repair shops are charging.

The study found that most in this age bracket did not believe they would be able to solve a technical problem themselves. It also discovered that many of them could not afford to bring their computers to a local computer shop for repair, while others were wary of letting strangers into their home to fix PC problems.

Only three percent felt confident enough to address a computer problem themselves, revealing that the problem for an older generation is not the technology itself, but what to do when things go wrong.