Old age pensioners are set to change your nation forever

It is predicted that there will be a massive growth in the number of over-65s in the next twenty years thanks to advances in medical science.

With the average life expectancy at a record high there could be more than 15 million OAPs (old age pensioners)  in Britain, meaning a dramatic rise in population for pensioner paradise Eastbourne in the next couple of decades.

In 2006 there were 9.6 million people over 65, but with improvements in treatments for many illnesses this number is expected to increase massively.  Furthermore there will be a 77 per cent rise in the number of 75 year olds, while those over the age of 85 will go up from 1.2 million to 2.8million.

The average life expectancy has been consistently rising, with the average increasing from 71 to 77 for men and from 77 to 82 for women since 1982.

It is thought that the rapid increase in the number of elderly people will have serious consequences for public services, although it is believed that slapping a hefty levy on Werther’s Originals could help offset some of the financial burden.

A spokesperson for Age UK highlighted some of the issues facing the country:  “The fact that there are growing numbers of people in later life is a cause for real celebration.

“However the growth of an older population will mean significant challenges for policy makers in terms of funding and investing in the sort of services an ageing society will rely on. We recognise the urgency of cutting the budget deficit and the likelihood of spending cuts across public services.”

“There is no excuse for not planning ahead to ensure that health, care, pensions and other services are able to meet the needs of an ageing population.”