Oh mighty Intel! ARM will make thee quake!

TG Daily writes about research conducted that predicts by 2013 MIDs and other ultramobile devices will be based on ARM processors, rather than X86s. Intel has designs, serious designs on this sector of the marketplace. There are some backhaul problems because of the demand for always on access.The TG Daily story is here.

Hexus takes a gander at numbers provided by Nvidia at an event in Las Vegas. But, claims the web site, there was a distinct lack of details on physical and performance characteristics during the demo. That piece is here

.According to Fabtech, AMD is now the second largest fabless semiconductor company after Qualcomm. That’s because it span off its fab business to GlobalFoundries of course. A table of contents is here

As we reported earlier this week, ATIC is buying AMD’s stake in GlobalFoundries. The Tech Report has ferreted out more information and you can find that sitting here

Bit Tech reviews the SilverStone Grandia GD03 case – which costs $144. It’s a capacious beast, the reviewer reckons, in his review, here.

David Kanter’s Real World Technologies has had a revamp since we last saw it – it looks much snappier and always has interesting in depth things to say about tech. Go here to see it.

Nvidia has hit back against AMD accusations of disabling multicore CPU support in the PhysX API, says Xbit Labs. They’re always squabbling, these graphics company. The tale is here.

Fudo@Fudzilla.com is saying that the core i5UM with an 18W TDP rating is set to arrive in the market. That tale is here.