Ofcom bought £millions of useless 4G kit

The fiasco about Ofcom’s drawn-out 4G heel-dragging continues with another story eked out from the rumour mill. 

The government-backed UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), we have heard, advised Ofcom to purchase £20 million of various 4G spectrum kit. 

Having unpacked the boxes and had a closer look, on further inspection it seemed that there wasn’t much Ofcom can do with it.

A great deal of the equipment, acquired from a reseller, was out of date. Now Ofcom is allegedly looking for a buyer to take the redundant stuff off its hands – for about a quarter of what it paid.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said: “The rumour you have reported is 100 percent false.” That means there must be some truth to it, because Ofcom refused to give TechEye any details. It also refused to comment on this story for two weeks of repeatedly asking, until we just went ahead and published it.

We have found this as a pattern with Ofcom, it is not particularly press friendly and is really quite press inimical. We wonder why…

The UK isn’t expected to get wide availability of 4G until 2015.