OCZ's SSD failure rate reaches boiling point

San Jose-based hardware company OCZ is tipped to be going SSD-crazy, and irritating customers in the process.

TechEye has heard that the company has been cutting margins wherever it can, while ramping the speed of its SSD production as fast as it can.

However, our source says that there is no increase to the company’s Return Material Authorisation – basically, OCZ’s commitment to repairing or replacing contracted products.

Distributors are allegedly refusing to replace the gear past 30 days, while the word is that OCZ claims it isn’t prepared for so many faults – and that customers need to approach the distributors. 

Industry watchers think the reason OCZ is ramping its production so hard is for one reason alone – it wants to look attractive to a potential buyer. 

However, OCZ claims that its RMA rate is significantly lower. A spokesperson told TechEye that the actual failure rate is much lower than the RMA number.

“We do have a liberal policy in order to ensure that customers purchase the right product for their application and we always want to make sure customers are taken care of and fully supported at all times,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers have the option to go back to their distributors for local support but regardless of where the customer purchased the product they are encouraged to contact OCZ directly via customer service or our forum support for any reason, including technical support or RMA assistance. We are here to help and appreciate our customer’s support and business.”