OCZ and Samsung announce new hard drives

OCZ and Samsung have added to their hard drive families with the release of a number of new models.

OCZ revealed its new 2.5-inch Deneva Series Solid State Drives, which employ the Sandforce 1500 SSD processor along with MLC and eMLC for added performance and reliability. The new models are capable of reading at up to 285MB/s, writing at up to 275MB/s, and also offer 4KB random writes up to 50,000 IOPS.

“Our new Deneva Series of drives are designed to improve performance and are the first to deliver Tier-0/1 Enterprise level reliability, using a range of lower cost flash technologies including eMLC and MLC in processes as low as 3xnm,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ.

The Deneva Series is entirely geared towards the enterprise sector, offering a variety of options not available on the normal consumer range. Some of these options include emergency power loss protection, superior encryption, and ECC protection. 

Samsung also announced a new hard drive, the Spinpoint F4, a 320GB hard drive with a unique design with less moving parts aimed at making the device both more reliable and less noisy.

The Spinpoint F4 will offer 10 percent faster read and write performance and will consume 7 percent less power compared to the Spinpoint F1, which should satisfy computer buffs and environmentalists. It also clocks in with a speed rotation of 7,200rpm and offers either 8MB or 16MB for buffer memory.

A release date and pricing for the OCZ and Samsung models have yet to be confirmed.