Nvidia uses a sinister clown to push quad-core

GPU maker Nvidia has decided to use a sinister clown as proof of what its new quad-core Kal-El mobile processor can do.

A demonstration game called Glowball is being shown off at Computex to show what can be achieved with its project.

An internally lit ball rolls around a playing board. It uses “dynamic lighting,” to shape the

the ball’s exterior casting shadows on stacked barrels, jack-in-the-boxes and hanging rugs.

But anyone who suffers from Coulrophobia will not be able to look past the really creepy clown in the middle of the demo who watches the ball move. You spend the entire video watching the clown as if you expect him to jump at you with a knife, or pour custard down his pants.

Nvidia told us that everything in the demo was being calculated in real time and there were no canned animations.

Kal-El has five times the performance of what it has out there, Nvidia claims. It also says that it is faster than a Intel Core 2 Duo processor. As usual it has not told anyone what it bases its measurements on and which Core 2 it was referring to.

The demonstration has a function which shuts down two of the Kal-El’s cores and this makes it impossible to play due to low frame rates.

Nvidia also insists that the production chip will be 25 to 30 percent faster than this and it will hit the shops in August in time for the Christmas break.

Nvidia plans several other generations of Tegra mobile chips after Kal-El, each with improving performance although they seem to have a few problems with finding interesting names.

In 2012 comes Wayne, in 2013 comes Logan. If we didn’t know that 2014 was Stark we would suspect that the next chip would be called Simon.

The company claims that Kal-El outpaces an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, though it’s not clear which model or on what performance measurement.