Nvidia threatens cutting off MSI in TweakTown tiff

Hardware enthusiast site TweakTown has  revealed that Nvidia threatened MSI with cutting its GPU allocation if it continued to provide samples to the publication.

TweakTown’s editor, Cameron Wilmot, speaks in detail of the tumultuous relationship Nvidia made sure it had with the website. TweakTown would have to fight tooth and nail to get access to review samples – despite the company’s PR working very amicably with other media – and later simply stopped inviting the staff to events.

Apparently someone at Nvidia was furiously flinging accusations of TweakTown breaking Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) but Wilmot denies this has ever happened, and even that, if it is made aware of an NDA through an Nvidia partner, honours them. When Nvidia blacklisted TweakTown, the website would just buy its own copies.

MSI, allegedly thanks to Nvidia’s bullying, felt forced to cut off TweakTown. “It baffled us to receive the email from them,” Wilmot said, although they have now come to an agreement.

“This is ultimately how Nvidia treats its partners, like s**t,” Wilmot continued. “It’s these strong arm tactics by Nvidia that make us incredibly mad. We understand that Nvidia needs to protect its products, but MSI didn’t do anything wrong – yet this is how they and other partners are treated”. Wilmot said he could reveal much, much more.

Nvidia, Wilmot said, also blocked an Nvidia GPU partner from releasing a new video card cooler because it was “much better” than the company’s own reference design.