Nvidia Tegra finds place in Tesla Model S car

Nvidia announced that its Tegra processors will be built into Tesla Motors Model S cars at the Consumer Electronics Show today.

The power-efficient Tegra will run the “infotainment”, navigation and instrument cluster systems of the Model S, an all-electric sedan.

The infotainment system will include a 17-inch touchscreen console, which Nvidia claims is bigger than any other displays ever used in a car. The device will also support full 3D graphics.

The navigation system will be fully connected and will offer live traffic information, weather updates and point out places of interest nearby.

The instrument cluster is all-digital and includes a high-resolution 12.3-inch LCD display, along with 3D graphics of the car for providing up-to-date data.

The touchscreen can also be used to control air conditioning and other climate-control features.

Since the Model S is an electric car it’s vital that power be conserved at every avenue, which is why the Tegra processor was chosen, according to Nvidia. Both Nvidia and Tesla Motors claim that the Model S will offer high performance at a low power cost.