Nvidia talks up future

Never one to be backward about coming forward, the chief executive of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang is predicting growth in his outfit’s graphics and mobile processor operations.

Speaking during an investor conference, Huang said he expects the company’s mobile chip business to grow in the current quarter.

This is the opposite to what he said last month where he was more cautious saying that mobile growth would be flat during the third quarter.

But Huang told Dow Jones Newswires that the reason he had been so cautious was because Nvidia is still too new to the mobile chip market to be able to provide very detailed forecasts.

He said that analysts made the mistake of interpreting his genuine conservatism as an absence of growth. He thought Nvidia was going to grow, and it wanted to take a more conservative posture in the marketplace. He pointed out some actions that companies, their various competitors and customers are taking against each other are impossible to predict.

Huang said the company should report revenue of $4.7 billion to $5 billion in fiscal 2013, better than the $4.45 billion expected by analysts.

According to Reuters, he expects gross margins to be about flat at 51 percent to 53 percent, with growth across Nvidia’s entire graphics and mobile processor businesses.

Nvidia shares, which have been going up lately, went up another 5.5 percent yesterday. The outfit seems to be doing better than its rivals in share growth.

First devices using Nvidia’s quad-core mobile chip should be available in the third or fourth quarter, just in time for the holiday season, but slightly later than the company originally forecast.