nVidia sticks in GPUs to help 3D artists

nVidia’s GPUs are giving an edge to 3D animators, with its PhysX engine and CUDA technology creating super-shiny realistic graphics, helping to render stuff such as lifelike characters, believable water and explosions.

The new technology which uses the nVidia kit is called Autodesk Softimage 2011 and can easily run realtime simulations powered by the PhysX API engine. It is boosted by the Guadro GPUs and CUDA architecture that makes it tick. With the new software, 3D artists can enjoy much improved, more realistic graphic simulations. nVidia is particularly proud of the simulated explosions it can render, which are powered by its physics kit to behave with “exceptional realism.”

Autodesk 2011 ships with Interactive Creative Environment, a platform that gives the user a wide range of custom tools and visual effects. It is designed particularly to help artists tinker with ideas without the need for in depth programming. Partnered with the PhysX interface nVidia says Autodesk is a powerful tool not to be sniffed at.

nVidia reckons that with its technologies on board, “Autodesk has opened up a new world of creative options.”

“With Quadro professional graphics, artists using Softimage can achieve a higher level of realism by adding physical simulations to their work.”