Nvidia release cut price 3D spectacles

The prices of 3D glasses are set to take a tumble afterNvidia announced the release of a cheap and cheerful 3D pair at Computex in Taiwan today.

Priced at $99, the wired glasses are aimed reaching a wider market as 3D technology slowly creeps into the homes of greater swathes of a rather ambivalent public.

The glasses use the firms “advanced active shutter technology” and are part of its 3D Vision range.  

According to the company,  the big idea is that they will allow gamers and film buffs access to 525 3D games, not to mention a gamut of Blu-ray movies, and access the new stereoscopic service from YouTube as announced recently.

Shipping with a USB 2.0 cable, the specs will work along with a range of Nvidia’s 3D enabled products, including 65 different monitors, notebooks and projectors.

Retrospectively fitted 3D film is not dazzling the public, and 3D content for the TV not exactly setting the world alight yet, it seems that Nvidia are, in fact, more concerned with gaming.  

This press release waxes lyrical about the lack of batteries required, which Nvidia believes makes the glasses ideal for LAN gaming events and iCafes gaming centres.

Furthermore, there is even an optional computer lock for the USB cable in case the new specs attract the attention of light-fingered gamers.

The new glasses will be available in late June from the 3DVision store.