Nvidia plays down exploding GTX590 card video

Nvidia is trying to stem the commotion caused after a video showed its GTX590 card exploding in a lab.

The company did at first try to claim that the problem was an “old driver issue”, and told its partners that exploding cards only occurred in products which were being over-volted and used in an old drive that wasn’t really compatible. It said in a statement: “Rest assured that the GTX 590 operates reliably at default voltages, and our 267.84 launch drivers provide additional levels of protection.”

Although it hoped that the video wouldn’t arouse too much attention, customers over at Overclockers.com were claiming that the problem could be more widespread.

However, those over at KitGuru are now claiming that Nvidia may be working on a statement that contains a little bit more substance, and indeed a way to fix this too.

It claims that the company’s engineering team has just finished work on a BIOS, which is hoped will stop future GTX590 explosions although the site isn’t sure whether all GTX590 customers must update.

KitGuru has also obtained customer help information – where Nvidia shoves the responsibility over to the manufacturer who shipped the card.