Nvidia may be dropping CUDA

There are rumours afloat that Nvidia is going to drop the CUDA architecture for its next products, the very same kit that it has been boasting about to the world.

According to a report from KitGuru.net, the parallel computing architecture which boosts GPU performance, the GTX465 could be Nvidia’s first GPU without the technology. It reckons that there is a possibility that Nvidia will deliver Fermi completely CUDA-less.

With CUDA out of the equation, Kit Guru reckons that the GTX465 will be both faster and easier to build. At the moment, Nvidia dropping CUDA on the GTX4665 is speculation. However, considering the amount of effort it has gone to in promoting the CUDA architecture it seems somewhat a strange move. Bossman Jen-Hsun Huang said at a recent FiRe conference that technologies such as CUDA are high on the priority list for Nvidia.

Quite how the biotechnicians and 3D artists who have, apparently, relied on CUDA power will manage to go without it is anyone’s guess. Watch this space.