Nvidia marketeer said he "had bomb in jacket" on plane – report

A man who works for Nvidia was arrested after he allegedly told a trolly dolly that he had a bomb in his jacket.

Yushing Lui denies that he made the false bomb threat on a Cathay Pacific plane just as it was about to take off from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

According to the Mercury News, the district attorney has alleged that Lui had already taken up his seat in business class and the trolly dolly was just about to hang up his jacket for him. She asked him if there was anything important in it, and the prosecutors alleged he said there was a bomb in it. He denies that he said that, exactly.

The captain called the cops and Lui was removed and jailed in San Mateo. He’s on bail to the tune of $10,000 and scheduled to appear in court at a later time.

The Mercury News is here.