Nvidia looks to tablets

Nvidia is convinced the reason that it can’t sell its chips into PCs any more is because people want to buy tablets.

Nvidia supremo Jen-Hsun Huang has told the New York Times that he wants the outfit to make a shift, stretching beyond graphics to build the chips that power smartphones and tablets.

Huang said that Nvidia used to be a PC graphics company flogging cards only into PCs and just providing graphics.

However, he said that with the rise of tablets and slowing PC sales are slowing means that Nvidia has to jump ship. It is also a problem that Intel and AMD are now flogging main processors that include graphics abilities, cutting out the need for add-on graphics processors, and eating into some Nvidia sales.

Huang claims that Nvidia is well positioned to go after a market opportunity that is six fold the market opportunity of the Nvidia you knew from the past.

Obviously, his flagship of his cunning plans is the Tegra 2 which is the outfit’s mobile chip. Based on ARM power-efficient chip architecture, the Tegra 2 is appearing in smartphones, like the Droid X2, and in tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Huang wants Nvidia to be as essential to Google’s Android as Intel has been to Microsoft’s Windows.

He has previously written off the first wave of Android tablets for being too expensive, lacking compelling applications and a shortage of knowledgeable retailers. However, he predicted that these issues would not be a problem in the next wave of Android tablets.

He said these new tablets may use the company’s quad-core processor, a chip with four processors in one.

Tegra 2 chips will go into the Eee Pad Transformer TF101, a laptop that turns into a tablet, he said.

He thinks that in two to three years Android will be operating half the world’s tablets, if not more.