Nvidia launches Quadro NVS 300 business GPU

Nvidia has announced the launch of its “Quadro NVS 300 Business Graphics Solution”, a power-efficient graphics processor designed to power up to eight displays simultaneously.

The enterprise card with the terrible name supports VGA, DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI and allows resolutions as high as 2560×1600. It works with LCD, DLP, or plasma displays, allowing multiple displays to run off a single card.

To facilitate the multi-monitor support, the NVS 300 is based on Nvidia’s Mosaic technology and utilises the company’s nView Desktop Management Software.

Power consumption is a big factor for running multiple displays, so Nvidia was keen to cut down on power usage by making the NVS 300 more efficient with power utilisation. It is also EnergyStar compliant.

Nvidia claims the GPU is perfect for command and control centres, for the display-heavy trading floors, or for digital signage installations.

The NVS 300 is available now from Nvidia, its global partners, and major vendors. It carries a price tag of $149.