Nvidia gets excited about Alienware notebooks

Fastest.[sic] Notebook.[sic] Gpu.[sic] Ever.[sic] begins Nvidia’s chest-beating press statement about the new Alienware kit on the way.

And it’s all thanks to its own GTX 580M GPU, the company says. You can buy the Alienware M18x notebook now if you’re richer than the sense you have. There’s an option to have two of the GPUs under the hood if it takes your fancy.

Machines that feature the GTX 580M, says Nvidia, are among the fastest DirectX 11 machines you’ll find on the market. It claims the GPUs offer up to six times the tessellation performance of “any other notebook GPU” along with a performance increase of 20 percent compared to the last lot.

There will be the stuff you’d expect, like Nvidia’s SLI for linking two GTX GPUs together, as well as its Optimus battery enabler that tinkers with the GPU only when it’s needed. CUDA architecture, of course, and Verde notebook drivers will all be there.

The M17X will be available soon.