Nvidia, Amazon team up for cloud supercomputing

Nvidia and Amazon have teamed up to launch a cloud supercomputing service which will allow smaller companies and organisations to make use of supercomputing technology without the substantial investment that is usually required.

Cluster GPU Instances, which make use of supercomputing-class Nvidia Tesla GPUs through Amazon’s new Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), have launched to members of the Amazon Web Services cloud and will provide access to high performance computing.

“The ability to run a larger number of more detailed simulations, with an on-demand pricing model and the scalability of Amazon EC2, enables companies to build better, safer, more reliable products,” said Andy Keane, General Manager of the Tesla business at Nvidia. 

“GPU supercomputing, through AWS, gives users a flexible computing facility that allows them to scale their computing needs based on user demand.”

The partnership between Nvidia and Amazon allows on-demand access to “supercomputing-class” processing power at a scalable level with an “equally scalable cost”.

Nvidia’s Tesla GPUs are already used in a variety of fields, including drug discovery, product design, structural analysis, financial simulations, video transcoding, hurricane and tsunami modelling, cancer research, car design, and space research, but the openess of the AC2 model allows an even wider variety of industries to utilise the technology.

Several advanced applications have been loaded onto the Amazon Cluster GPU Instances for use by cloud members, including Mental Images’ RealityServer, which allows interactive photo-realistic rendering, and Mathwork’s MATLAB.