Notebooks rise again

Acer is telling the world+dog that it will be flogging a lot more notebooks this year.

Last year Acer sold 1.3 million units in Taiwan and expects to sell 1.6 million units this year.

According to Scott Lin, president of Acer Taiwan, this is part of a global bounce back in the notebook market.

He said that consumer and enterprise notebooks, especially enterprise models, will be selling like hotcakes all over the world.

Lyn said that netbooks will slowly fade away as consumers get a bit more cash to buy the real thing.

He said that the netbook’s share of total notebook demand will drop gradually from 30-40 percent to 20 percent, while large-size traditional notebooks are unlikely to see big changes in share and their performance will still be the key to drive consumer’s demand.

Medium-size notebooks including ultra-thin notebooks, will do better this year, he claimed. Acer is also planning to produce a Google Chrome OS netbook and an e-reader.