Notebook prices rise as Thai floods damage industry

The serious floods in Thailand are continuing to have a damaging effect on hard drive supply.

And now, according to a report, Acer has lowered its profit forecast for the fourth quarter and raised prices of its notebooks because its been hit by price rises on hard drives.

According to Digitimes, the floods have caused a supply problem with only 75 percent of normal production available. The shortfall will continue until February next year, according to an Acer official.

As we reported earlier this month, Western Digital has had to shut down its Thai plants – not as a direct result of the flooding but because component manufacturers have been hit hard by the situation.  Seagate has been affected by the situation too, along with other companies such as Hitachi and Toshiba.

Thailand continues to be adversely affected by the prolonged monsoon, with some now warning that there is a real danger of disease.