Notebook makers retrieve mojo from Intel platforms

Intel has been canoodling with Taiwanese partners about its Chief River platform, which will be using the 22nm Ivy Bridge, and should be aiming for mass production in September 2011. 

Huron River is expected at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas while Chief River should have its first public announcement in January 2012, sources tell the DigiTimes.  

Its netbook Cedar Trail-M platform is also on the agenda with mass production penned in some time during the second quarter of 2011. Oak Trail, aimed squarely at the tablet market and running as a bastard child of Lincroft and Whitney Point, may show up in the wild soon indeed – with DigiTimes sources suggesting an appearance December this year. 

We’ll be interested to see how Intel plays itself off against AMD, still widely reported to be suffering from capacity problems. Industry sources believe Zacate will make an appearance at CES 2011 and wow the crowds, meaning strong demand for AMD netbooks in the first quarter – but while the marketing push is at full force its partners may be a tad late to cough up the goods. 

Meanwhile makers of notebooks over in Taiwan are certainly confident, despite a shaky 2010, that demand will be heavy come the new year – off the back of Intel’s new processors. Price competition has been all but scrapped, reports DigiTimes again, meaning manufacturers are aiming for profitability over volume. 

For the final quarter of 2010, Taiwanese makers of notebooks Compal and Quanta are both expecting five percent sequential growth. Wistron is expecting between, er zero and five percent growth and Inventec is hovering around the five percent mark too. In the new year Compal thinks it may enjoy slight growth over the fourth quarter, but Wistron is expecting double digits.