Not enough iPads to go around, says man

In a startling coincidence, there are rumours broad that Apple’s manufacturing partners may not have enough iPad supplies to go around at launch, reports Digital Daily.

Analyst Peter Misek told Digital Daily he has “heard that the upcoming iPad launch may be somewhat limited as a manufacturing bottleneck as impacted production of Apple’s newest device.” Could this all be clever PR spin to get the Applephiles queing up overnight to get their hands on the new big expensive rectangle? Could be.

If however this isn’t a load of spin, some keen buyers may be left waiting a bit, heaven forbid. Misek said, “This would only be a temporary production delay.” It’s thought that the iPad’s manufacturer Hon Hai Precision will be supplying about 300K units to the states in March, far lower than the initial estimate of 1,000K units.

Now, I am not a nasty or malicious person but the amount of hype and guffawing from everyone in the world and one “national treasure” makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. The iPad makes me feel genuinely uneasy, I get that horrible feeling in the soles of my feet when I think about it, it’s dominated the news and here I am contributing to that. I for one hope that Hon Hai manages to get about five out, and all the potential brainwashed buyers get so upset during the wait for the next batch, they all dash their brains across the walls via repeated head banging.

Unfortunately, this is probably PR spin*, and it’ll probably work. Come launch day we’ll see dedicated creeps queing up in their droves to rub their greasy, smug paws all over the new device. For some real Apple cringe, take a look at what the toff Stephen Fry reckons on his blog

*EyeSee Have a look here at Business Insider for a quality rundown on how Steve Jobsworth loves screwing with the press.