North Korea makes its own PC

The Glorious Korean people have been expediting the construction of a prosperous, powerful nation their own way, thus displaying their faith and temper to the world, by building their own PC plant.

Even if the world extends the sanctions for six months or decades, it will never frighten the Korean people because leading engineers, under the guidance of dear leader Kim Jong Il, have created three models which are far superior than anything the Imperialist West can manage.

The construction of these computers will do nothing but reveal the poor position of the capitalist reactionaries, political greenhorns, who cannot but employ such a bungling step as the sanction to try stop Korean expansion.

As shown by North Korean television, the plant appears to have at least eight workers who sit in front of a long, green bench carrying out tasks such as installing the keyboard and checking the laptop hinge. Two of the computers are for educational use and one for office use.

One is a netbook-sized laptop, and the other is a PC with a keyboard and mouse, that’s designed to be connected to a television.

Pae Myong-sok, a factory representative told the glorious, loyal, reporters that users can enjoy the use of  multimedia educational materials.

He said that it was possible to see texts books, do intellectual training exercises, view various types of dictionaries, edit documents and even learn foreign languages. This is the sort of technology which the West will not have for many years.

The office computer is a laptop and runs “productivity software” and includes a web browser, Pae said. It’s also netbook-sized and has dual USB ports for data transfer. The battery lasts about two and a half hours.

So far dear Leader has not mentioned which operating system he has installed in the computer, but loyal analysts have dared to suggest that it is his truly wonderful version of Linux called “Red Star”.