Nokia to launch tablet in Q3 2011

Nokia is planning to launch a tablet in the third quarter of 2011, according to inside information obtained by KnowYourMobile.

Not much is known about the tablet in terms of hardware, but with a release towards the end of next year it will face some stiff competition from the iPad 2, several Windows 7 tablets and an unrelenting wave of Android devices, some of which will feature dual-core processors and high memory.

It will therefore need to provide a reasonable offering if it’s to steal any of the limelight.

One thing we do know for sure is that it will run the MeeGo operating system and not the endangered species that is Symbian. Many people have been speculating that Nokia would adopt Android at some stage in the near future, but it looks like that won’t be in 2011 at least, as efforts to keep both MeeGo and Symbian alive are still ongoing.

MeeGo has previously been demonstrated on a tablet (video below), where everything looked very snazzy, but boot time and response times were very slow, suggesting that either a beefier spec may be required to get the most from it or a new, faster version of MeeGo is needed.

Nokia has previously straddled the tablet ground with hybrid tablet/smartphone devices, such as with the N800 and N900 series, but these were more like the Dell Streak than the iPad, the latter of which is where the real money is. 

Nokia is big in the mobile world, with a market share of roughly one third, but that has been dropping throughout 2010 with the staunch competition of Android and Windows Phone 7. If it can launch a successul tablet or two it may be able to recoup its losses, but if initial reports about MeeGo are anything to go by then next year’s launch could prove to be er interesting.