Nintendo tries to seduce 3DS customers with free wi-fi

Nintendo is taking more steps to unload its 3DS on an unwilling public, then, with the offer of free wi-fi for customers of the doomed device.

Not long after the firm announced that it would drop prices of its portable gaming device following weak sales, Nintendo now wants to woo customers with free wireless internet.

As of today, 3DS users will be able to automatically connect to 5,000 mobile wireless network  provided by The Cloud for free. This will mean that they can browse websites and access the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo hopes.

At least it will give its users a break from the migraine inducing 3D that has been the problem for the device.

And with the Sony Vita on the way to Nintendo will need all the help it will get to flog few more of the devices.

The company was forced into an embarrassing climb down following the price cut of the 3DS.  As a way of apology to its customers who had shelled out full whack for the device only for prices to be slashed, the company is planning to hand out free game downloads.

We can confirm that Nintendo DS owners will not see any free wi-fi – it’s exclusively for the 3DS.