Nintendo announces 3D console

Japanese consoles-and-games company Nintendo has announced a successor to it’s DS line of handheld consoles.

The new Nintendo 3DS will add “3D effects without the need for any special glasses”. Nintendo will introduce the 3DS during the current fiscal year, which ends March 2011.

The 3DS will be backwards compatible with all current DS games. Nintendo claims it has so far sold 125 million units, if the 3DS is any good it is bound to replicate the success.

Nintendo already has a puzzle game on the market in Japan called “There It Is!” which creates a faux 3D effect. The game’s content, however, is designed for casual gamers and not for the die-hard FPS crowd.

Who knows, perhaps gamers will see the return of parallax scrolling coupled with sensor wizardry. Nintendo will unveil more details at the E3 show, which starts on June 15.