Nintendo 3DS only costs $100 to put together

Researchers at IHS iSuppli have torn apart a Nintendo 3DS and have concluded that the component cost amounts to only $100.71 – even though the unit sells for $250 in the USA.

In the UK, the 3DS costs £230 – that is currently $368, quite considerably more than the $100 bill of materials cost that IHS iSuppli estimates. Last week we reported how the UK is being stung by the price Nintendo is charging here in the UK.

The market research company compared the BOM for the 3DS to the Nintendo DSi, the latter cost in component charges $75.58 – IHS iSuppli thinks that the 3DS is vulnerable because it uses suppliers based in Japan, already reeling from supply difficulties because of the earthquake, tsunami and the failure of power.

Andrew Rassweiler, senior director, said that the 3D top screen uses a “clever feat of engineering”, based on Sharp technology and using an integrated LCD based parallax barrier panel sandwiched to the back of the colour LCD. The user interface of the 3DS is more expensive because it uses a MEMS gyroscope, while the camera subsystem costs $4.70, not much more than the DSi.