Nikon launches glasses free, Android-powered 3D photo frame

Nikon has launched an Android-powered photo frame which allows you to view pictures in full high-quality 3D without needing 3D glasses.

The My Picturetown 3D NF-300i may look like a simple photo frame at first, but because it’s powered by Android it has some extra features, such as a digital calendar, clock, and weather display. The glasses-free 3D is achieved via a 7.2-inch lenticular display with a horizontal double-density pixel system built into the LCD panel, enabling stereoscopic viewing. 

3D is often criticised for being dull and low in quality, but Nikon promises the images viewable on the NF-300i will be both bright and high-quality, displaying at the same resolution as their 2D counterparts, which can also be displayed on the device.

The NF300i photo frame, which stores up to 4GB of data, comes as part of a photo cloud service that Nikon is hosting which allows users to upload photos and convert them to 3D using Nikon’s online software.

The My Picturetown 3D service allows storage, viewing, sharing, and distribution of 3D content in both photo and movie formats, and to ensure that users can view the content Nikon is loaning an NF-300i digital photo frame to all subscribers.

My Picturetown 3D service is currently open for applications in Japan and is set to fully launch in early December. There is no word yet on a release in other regions.