NHS trusts want iPads for doctors

NHS trusts are trying to figure out how they can best take advantage of tablets. Unlike some local councils, it’s not senior executives trying to blag iPads. Though they probably wouldn’t mind.

TechEye understands a very large NHS trust, which we will not name, wants to give iPads to its doctors. The paperwork they have to carry around patient-to-patient is causing their bags to get rather heavy.

Cash, bizarrely, isn’t the problem, even though fitting most doctors at a trust would cost a tonne.

A trust we have spoken to thinks tablet computing could increase efficiencies among doctors and save time, as well as cutting down on the phenomenal amount of paper they work through.

The only reason iPads haven’t been doled out to doctors at some trusts is that they are not compatible with NHS servers. Not that they are not  secure enough – that they are not compatible.

Instead, trusts are considering settling for Samsung Galaxy tabs, although they really don’t want to. Apple’s device is the favourite, but it’s also the forbidden fruit.