Nexus S launches, Nvidia adds mobile GPU, Sony releases PS2 TV

Just when you thought Google was done with phones, it has launched the Google-branded Nexus S, according to the BBC. The Samsung produced phone was seen held by Eric Schmidt last month and is the successor to the Nexus One, which was made by HTC and experienced commercial failure but success as Google’s official developer phone.

Nvidia has added a new mobile processor to its GPU range, the GeForce GT 540M, reports TweakTown. It’s an upgraded GT 435M, packing 96 CUDA cores, 128-bit memory interface, and clock speeds of 672MHz, 1244MHz and 900MHz for graphics, processor and memory respectively.

TechSpot brings news of the launch of new Micron ClearNAND memory, which comes with built-in 24-bit error correction. Based on Micro’s 25 nanometer technology, the modules come in Standard and Enhanced versions, with the former offering between 8GB and 32GB capacities and the latter offering between 15GB and 64GB.

The Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 750W Power Supply Unit was reviewed at HardOCP. It received some positive words, mainly for its high power supply, good efficiency and low noise, but the $180 price tag was deemed a stumbling point.

InsideHW reviewed the Cooler Master Storm Inferno wired gaming mouse, giving it a Best Buy award for its 11 well-placed buttons, precise movements, quiet clicking and under €50 ($66) price tag. It also looks fairly snazzy, which is just as important to many.

The PlayStation 2 is still alive and kicking, with Sony selling a new version of the console built into a 22-inch LCD TV, according to Stuff Middle East. The Bravia KDL22PX300 comes with a PS2 built right into the base, which is an interesting way for Sony to cash in on the device, which is apparently still selling well and receiving new game development.