Next gen Amazon Kindle arrives in UK soon

The next generation Amazon Kindle is about to land in the UK.

The new Kindle e-book reader has an enhanced display and gives users faster navigation. It also has a brand new redesigned chassis and is said to be 15 percent lighter and 21 percent smaller than the second-generation model as well as having a 20 percent faster refresh rate than its older sibling.

It can also wirelessly download new titles online from a catalogue of over 400,000.

The device uses an E-Ink Pearl screen, as found on the Kindle DX (Graphite), which the company says improves battery life and displays clearer text. It also said this technology meant that the Kindle could be read in sunlight.

Steve Kessel, Amazon Kindle’s senior vice president, said: “With our screen there is no eye strain, and you can read it in the park, or on the beach. This is not a gadget that tries to do everything. We wanted to create something that lets people read books, and we are totally focused on that. People want to get lost in the words.”

You can also read books with books and we hear that even the beta version would let you read in sunlight, though eye strain is likely without assisted light in the dark.

Launching the device Mr Kessel also said the company would undercut prices of paper books and e-book rivals such as Apple and Sony.

“In the US we now sell more electronic books than physical ones and we are very happy to be bringing this to the UK,” he said. We presume this is off the back of Amazon’s release about outselling hard back books and not paperbacks, which are legion

Other improvements to the device include internal storage, which can handle roughly up to 3500 books, 2000 more than the previous version. It costs £109 for a wi-fi version and £149 for a 3G wireless version and will be available on the 27th of August.