New Xbox motherboard snap leaked

An image which claims to be a motherboard carrying elements of Xbox 360 mainboard along with at least one chip used in the video game console has appeared on the world wide web.

Those who know these sort of things, think that the images, which can be seen here  show that Microsoft is planning a smaller and slimmer looking Xbox 360 with smaller and slimmer design.

The snap was first seen on a Chinese forum A9VG . It carries connectors that are used on the Xbox 360 game system, in addition to the Microsoft-branded I/O controller.

It seems to only have one main chip under a Cooler Master-branded cooling system as well memory on the reverse.

The mainboard’s look is about what could be expected from the Valhalla design.

Valhalla is rumoured to have a chip that combines central processing unit and graphics and memory controller hub.

Redmond is supposed to be keen on this because it is cheaper to make. It can also be shipped off to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company instead of IBM.

Microsoft can also release Natal motion controllers and keep the price of the Xbox the same.