New Xbox 360 won't red ring

Engineers at Microsoft have worked out a clever way of preventing the famous red ringing on the Xbox 360.

The Xbox is famous for a red ring warning appearing as a sign that the machine was totally stuffed and it was time to get a new one.

Not surprisingly the “red ring of death” annoyed users of the beasts considerably and the fault was variously identified as being a heat problem or something similar. Microsoft had to set aside a billion dollars to repair computers suffering from the red ring of death.

It seems that engineers have solved all the problems of a “red ring of death” in the new slim Xbox 360. However they have not done it by investigating the heat problems or anything. Instead they have removed all of the red LEDs from the system’s internal make-up.

If you have any problems now the console will light up with various combinations of green lights.

No one can be certain if the new Xbox 360 is any more reliable than the old one. Redmond has made a big thing about the beast being quieter but has not made any mention of improved quality control .  So in other words by replacing the warning system Microsoft engineers have “fixed” the legend of the Red Rings of Death

However, one thing is certain – there will be no red rings of death on it. Just Green Rings of Doom.