Netflix opens doors to online 3D screaming

The CEO of Netflix delivered the company’s earnings yesterday but disclosed, at the same time, that the firm may start streaming 3D movies.

That will open doors to vendors such as Masterimage 3D, who told us at the CES show last week that it will have products in the shops by the third or fourth quarter this year.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said yesterday that it is going to focus on tablets and offer streaming 3D too, as a way to re-engineer the company.

The news was welcomed by Roy Taylor, executive vice president and general manager of Masterimage 3D.

He told TechEye today: “It’s clear that Hollywood continues to enjoy great success in 3D on the cinema side. But the growing asset base of 3D needs an outlet other than TV for post theatre release sales. The introduction of 3D enabled smartphones and tablets offers just such an opportunity. We believe therefore that 3D streaming is an inevitable progression to 2D streaming and offers an exciting development for consumers, OEMs and Hollywood.”

And Masterimage 3D of course. See this too...