Netbooks set to fall out of favour

A report from market research company IDC predicts that there will be a drastic slow down for netbooks during 2010.

IDC thinks that ultrathin notebooks will represent under five percent of total portable shipments – while sales will grow the prices are too high.

But the good news for the chip vendors is that average selling price declines will fall because of stronger market demand from both the commercial and consumer market.

Interestingly, IDC believes that shipments of notebook PC with WiMAX embedded will beat up shipments of portable PCs with 3G. This, the company thinks, will lay the future for future WiMAX adoption.

And while the desktop is not dead, portable PCs will account for over 60 percent of all PC shipments. Nevertheless, all-in-one desktop sales will double during 2010.

IDC doesn’t think that touch enabled portable and desktop PCs will do very well, largely because there’s a lack of good touch specific software.

And even if Apple’s iPad does well, that isn’t going to help sales of Windows based tablet PCs. Lenovo and HP tablets might get some interest but they won’t create high shipment figures.

The news will cheer up vendors like Intel and AMD.