Netbooks going the way of the Dodo

Samsung has decided that the netbook is dying out and is planning to replace them with 11.6- to 12-inch ultraportables and Ultrabooks next year.

According to a leaked memo which found its way into the French edition of Cnet,  Samsung sings that there will be a new strategy in 2012, which will involve killing off the 10.1-inch netbook product range in Q1 2012, in favor of ultraportables (11.6 and 12 inches) and ultrabooks to be launched in 2012.

In other words, netbooks are dead. That is if you thought they were still living. They are still about though but the market is basically stuffed up by the fact that they suffer from Intel Atom dominance, which makes them slow, with poor graphics.

Full-size laptops are better than they used to be and now the industry is starting to get into Ultrabooks, which come with Intel Sandy Bridge ULV processors and SSDs for system storage they really are not much use.

The only thing that netbooks have going for them is that they are cheaper than ultra-portables and Ultrabooks, but the bang for the buck is rapidly falling away and punters are twigging that paying more for an ultra-portable or Ultrabook gives them much better kit.

Although the writing has been on the wall for netbooks for a while now, few manufacturers have gone public with their plans to pull the plug on them until now. Samsung appears to be one of the first.