MSI shows off top audio gaming machine

We took a sneak look at some machines that MSI will introduce later this year at its factory in Taipei County today.

The machine it showed off the most was a gaming machine – the GT660 – which the company said showed good graphics performance and outstanding audio performance.

The GT660 uses tech from Dynaudio – here’s the spec below.

MSI was also interesting about both the netbook and the tablet market.  While it showed off a tablet at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the project seems to be on hold right now. MSI is gauging market reaction to PC tablets before spending too much money on R&D. It is sampling its customers’ needs and the “market will decide”. The iPad will do well because of the applications available for it.

Executives also told TechEye that the market for netbooks was falling, and average selling prices on netbooks were also falling. While it would continue to offer netbooks, its primary focus is on its mainstream and other offerings.

One of those other offerings is an All-in-One machine, coming later this year, which uses ATI technology inside. Prices for the GT660 and the All-in-One machine haven’t been decided yet. The GT660 will be available in July.

MSI All in One