MSI pulls Windows based tablet

Hardware makers are getting increasingly reluctant to try and push out a tablet which is capable of taking on Apple’s tablet.

While many have been talking about releasing an iPad killer, actual releases have been thin on the ground.  Projects which have been touted as coming out, have been inexplicably delayed.

The latest has been MSI’s Wintel based tablet, which was originally scheduled to launch in the third quarter.

It should have been easy to release. It used mostly existing Wintel technology and required little in the way of R&D.

However, MSI has now announced that the project will be replaced by an Android 3.0-based model in March 2011.  Android 3 is supposed to be a more tablet friendly OS.

The delay has been reported by Digitimes which seems to have actually asked the company directly.

It said that the Android tablet that MSI is planning will be a 10.1-inch Wind Pad tablet which will cost less than $500 with integrated USB and HDMI ports.

It claims that it will target a different market than other tablet PCs and the company is set to showcase the product at CES 2011.

MSI is remaining cautious in its announcements too, saying that it will still depend on “market status”. Whatever that is.

So why are the manufacturers so reluctant to push out tablets which, in theory, everyone is falling over themselves to buy?

This week Apple announced that its tablet sales were not doing as well as everyone expected. The fear appears to be that they might be a product which will be only successful if you are Apple.

In other words it is a product for Apple’s user base and will have no impact in the real world. If manufacturers wanted an iPad killer it would be easy to make,  but it seems that they don’t see long term market potential for an expensive netbook without a keyboard.

As for netbooks, MSI is set to launch dual-core models in November and the company also plans to reveal more details of its product lines and strategies in December.