MPs set to play video games

MPs are quite literally set to be playing games.

However, this time it’s not to do with our taxes, VAT or university fees.

Instead they will grab joysticks and play various video games in an event set up by lobby group Gamers’ Voice.

The group has arranged a House of Commons event, which will take place on 12 January, and Culture Minister Ed Vaizey and Tory MP John Whittingdale, the Select Committee chairman for the Culture Department already have their names down to attend

Trade body UKIE is also expected to make an appearance at the event, which is aimed to “generate positive publicity for video games and the PEGI system soon to be coming into force.”

This of course is the standard recommended by DR Tanya Byron who was paid a shed load a few years ago to make recommendations into the video games industry. The outcome of the report was that video games would have both a rating similar to those supplied for films, and the PEGI rating, which is a European standard that uses symbols to depict what the game contains.

The group added: “It is clear to us that some members of Parliament are clearly out of touch with the public and wrongly believe that video games are corrupting British children.

“The recent release of new forms of motion control make this a great time to get MPs back on board with the industry after a difficult six month period. Put simply, if they won’t come to us, we’re taking the games to them.”