Motorola Xoom wins best expensive placemat award at CES

Last year, TechEye entered Crufts, the quirky doggy competition in the UK. We don’t even have a dog, but we’ve got a pencil portrait of a handsome labrador called Thunderdog and some exaggerated anecdotes of just what he can do. And we won! Because Crufts was being judged by the same panel behind CES and Cnet’s Best in Show this year.

Every man and his dog but not Thunderdog who already has ten will have a tablet, hopes LG, Samsung, Apple, Motorola and the gang. Motorola debuted its Xoom tablet this year at CES running on the anticipated Android Honeycomb 3.0. Except it didn’t quite debut the Xoom at all – what it had at the show was a tablet that was a proof of concept loaded full of demo videos.

The videos look pretty and so does the tablet. But the fact is no one had a chance to play with it properly. Talking to a spokesperson, we’re told the tablet will see release in 60 to 90 days. What’s the processor? “Err, we haven’t announced that yet” – it’s a Tegra 2 by the way. The Xoom will probably turn out to be a great piece of kit if you’ve got the money for an overpriced rectangle which works whichever way you hold it but, as I4U’s Robert Evans says: “If the  Xoom disappoints for some reason, every tech journalist will lose credibility in the eyes of consumers.”

And how can Motorola be so sure its Xoom has the edge on competitors? Our trainer tells us: Because it’s got multi-tasking, a Tegra 2, and Honeycomb. All strong leads, but it’ll only be a unique snowflake until all the others crop up. Motorola is “working very closely with Google” to make sure that this will be the first Honeycomb product in the 60-90 days until release. Only a cynic could suggest that there may be some outside chance Google influenced a voting panel?

If Google can influence a government, it can influence CES.