Motorola to release seven inch tablet

A 7 inch Motorola tablet which runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb could be in the shops in a few months.

Russian site Mobile Review’s Eldar Murtazi  claims that the Motopad will be the first tablet with a version of Android tailored especially for tablet-sized screens.

The name itself is interesting. Most tech media pundits are getting all moist about the next version of Android which is called Gingerbread.

Although this is a rumour, Murtazin is considered reliable. It takes Motorola’s Droid smartphone success and translates it to a tablet. The Motopad could easily cash in on the Droid’s popularity and win over some consumers on name and reputation something which is lacking from the other makers of tablets.

Motopad will run Nvidia’s dual-core processor and be available through Verizon, Murtazi claimed.

Google has not mentioned Honeycomb much. It is yet to release Android 2.3 and Android 3.0 has been dubbed Gingerbread. It now looks like Gingerbread is actually Android 2.3 and Android 3.0 is Honeycomb.

Murtazin saiud that the device might only be the premiere product, followed up by the rumoured 10-inch Motorola Stingray tablet.

It is starting to look like manufacturers are looking at bigger tablets as smaller versions are being confused with smart phones. It is not the first industry to insist that seven inches is too small and you need at least ten inches before anyone will take you seriously.

A 10-inch Samsung tablet was displayed at a China electronics conference, which could prompt Motorola to produce a larger model, too.