Mobile computing market continues to grow

Despite turbulent economic conditions, mobile computing continues to see surging demand
according to a new report by In-Stat.

The company has said this has resulted from sleeker designs, new form factors, and pent-up
business demand. According to In-Stat mobile computing devices, including tablets, netbooks, smartbooks and laptops will grow at 19.1 percent through 2014 and account for over 400 million units.

Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist said: “While there will be a battle for the lower-end internet-centric devices like tablets and netbooks, notebooks will continue to be the overall demand driver as consumers focus on lighter and lower-cost PCs and businesses continue to transition to mainstream and high-performance mobile platforms.”

“In addition, demand for mobile computing is coming from both developing and industrialised regions.”

In addition, tablets will record the highest growth of 123.6 percent through 2014. It said laptop shipments will reach 291 million units in 2014 and account for 52 percent of the computing market, while the Asia Pacific will lead all regions in growth surpassing 36 percent of the total market in 2014.