Mitt Romney can't spell America

The Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has gotten off to a shakey start after his first attempt at an iPhone app fell at the spell checkers.

In a bid to match President Obama on this internet thing, Romney issued an iPhone app because they are pretty high tech.

The only problem was that while the app meant to claim he wanted to create a better America, it actually said that he was looking after another place called Amercia. Amercia sounds like an Anglo-Saxon kingdom near Hull, which was ruled by Æthelred the Unsteady in the Ninth century.

While it is jolly good that Romney is looking to to prop up such historical kingdoms, we don’t think that most Americans even know where Amercia is or care that much.

According to Reuters, the Apple app featured all the slogans supporting his campaign against Obama ahead of the November elections.

“We’re With Mitt,” read one. “American Greatness” declared another.

But it is the slogan “a Better Amercia” which has become a joke.

The Republicans do seem to have lost their stride a bit. They dragged up Donald Trump to dust off the old “Obama is not a real Amercian” even after certified copies of his Hawaiian birth certificate were released.

Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul told MSNBC about the spelling slip that mistakes like this happen and a corrected version of the app was released soon afterwards. Which is exactly the sort of thing you want from someone who has their finger on the nuclear button.

After all, if you launch a nuclear strike on Rani rather than Iran, you will get lots of young Sarah Jane Adventures fans very upset.