Mintpass to intro dual-screen, dual-boot tablet in 2011

The iPad could see its doom at the hands of a new dual-screen tablet that can boot the two main rival OSes, Android and Windows 7, set to be released by Mintpass in the first half of 2011.

In fact, the company, which released a memo and blogging device called the Mintpad in 2008, believes their new tablet could shake up the tablet industry, because it’s being flagged as a cross between a tablet and a full-scale laptop.

It uses two screens which can unfold like a laptop or fold up for use as a tablet. The screens will support full multi-taksing, allowing users to surfthe net on one while playing video clips on the other. Or, one of the screens can be turned into a touchscreen keyboard for a full laptop experience, which will be achieved using Mintpass’s Space Touch software.

If that were not enough, it can also dual boot two OSes, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows 7, the former more suited for a tablet experience and the latter more appropriate for laptop work.

Details about the processor, memory, and storage were not revealed, but it’s likely to be significantly superior to the iPad due to the minimum requirements for running Windows 7. At least a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM is needed, along with a full 16GB of hard drive space just for the OS.

A few hurdles need to be overcome before its release, however. Mintpass is still looking for a Taiwanese manufacturer to produce its tablet for release next year and it’s waiting for Android Market access approval, which is set to be granted on the tablet’s release. If such access is delayed, however, it could prove detrimental to the hybrid’s success.