Microsoft's new tablet ARM-ful

Even before it has its big launch meeting today, details of Microsoft’s new own brand tablet have leaked to the great unwashed.

According to the Wall Street Journal the gizmo will use Windows RT that works on chip designs from ARM.

It seems that the move has come because computer makers have expressed some hesitation about Windows 8 tablets. They will be expensive and have less software than Android equivalents.

This means that unless Microsoft steps up to the plate and releases its first RT tablets, manufacturers will stick with their ARM / Android combo which has been the only one to pose a threat to Apple.

The Journal seems to think that Microsoft is trying to tear a leaf out of Apple’s book by controlling both the hardware and software for its computers and mobile devices rather than letting the likes of Dell or HP play with it.

Microsoft has only had one really good hardware success lately and that was with the Xbox game consoles. It also risks hacking off some of its hardware makers which it wants to make devices based on Windows RT.

It can’t really lean on its new chum, Nokia, at the moment because the former rubber boot maker is nearly out of cash thanks to betting the farm on Windows Mobile.

Still, if it does have a success with the tablet, it can tell the nay-saying hardware makers :”I told you so”.