Microsoft Zune player is finally killed off

Microsoft has finally decided to kill off all development of the Zune music player.

According to Vole, current models will remain for sale, but newer ones will not be released.

The move is a final surrender of the music player market by Microsoft, but to be fair that market is dead in the water now anyway.

The fact that Microsoft has seen the writing on the wall first, hints that that the days of the standalone music player may be numbered.

The music player market only really took off when Apple released its iPod, but sales of these have been declining too, as punters listen to music on other gadgets such as their smartphones.

There are rumours that Jobs’ Mob is going to end its iPod Classic too now that the fad is well and truly over. It is no longer cool factor for kids of to day to be seen with an iPod, any more than it was for a kid of the 80s to be seen with flares.

The Zune brand will be used as Xbox video on demand service from now on. In recent days Vole has been bolstering content on the streaming service.

We reported that the Zune was the Norwegian Blue of portable music industry in March, but apparently Steve Ballmer decided to keep it going for a while longer.