Microsoft writes off 3D gaming

Software giant Microsoft claims that 3D gaming will not catch on because it is too expensive.

Responding to Sony’s E3 press conference,  Redmond’s UK boss Neil Thompson said it was a waste of resources moving into 3D.

Sony wowed hacks at E3 by giving them 3D glasses to view 3D content at the conference while revealing titles that will support 3D for the PS3.

Thompson pointed out that PS3 users will need a 3D television for the effect to work and that means that the technology will come at a price that puts it a while off being mass market.

He told After Dawn that if you look at the costs of entry into the living room and when that’s going to become mass-market you are much better off with Kinect.

Well, he would say that really.

Sony is not the only one to think that there is cash to be made on 3D systems. Nintendo has been showing off 3D on its new 3DS handheld console. This does not need an investment in 3D glasses, but is a long way off living room gaming.

Kinect will probably end up being $150 on top of the price of an Xbox. This is about the same as what Sony will be charging for its motion controllers. However if any of them adds 3D to the price it will get much more expensive, that is even before having to buy an expensive 3D telly.