Microsoft Windows RT hits snags

Windows 8 RT might be suffering from technological problems which means that it will be slow to come out.

Already the maker of expensive printer ink, HP has confirmed that it won’t offer a Windows RT tablet this year.

According to rumours sparked by Cnet, there are problems with running Windows RT with Qualcomm and Texas Instruments devices.

HP uses the Qualcomm-chip based tablet so there might be some legs to the rumours.

RT runs on ARM chips from Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments and will not have the backward compatibility of Intel-based Windows 8 so it is not clear why Vole is having such difficult getting the beast to run.

Cnet could not work out if the problems are limited to the chips, the software or the PC company trying to make the gear, or all three.

Patrick Moorhead,an ex-AMD senior executive and now an analyst,  said that Nvidia has been doing a lot better than the other chip makers. He thinks that it is no coincidence Vole’s own RT Surface tablet is running Nvidia.

Nvidia has been making Windows drivers for a lot longer than Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. This might be the reason that Microsoft pushed its own tablet with an Nvidia chip, just to make sure that something was out there.

However it does look like there will be a staggered release of RT tablets, laptops, and hybrids. With Nvidia chips appearing before others.