Microsoft will release a dual screen tablet

Apple is in serious danger of being outclassed by Microsoft in its battle for a tablet PC.

While the word+dog is talking about Apple’s iPad, Redmond appears to be readying a tablet which will wipe the floor with it.

Ubergizmo has spotted a Microsoft job ad which confirms that Microsoft is building its Courier dual-screen tablet. Initially the advert mentioned something about a “Courier digital journal” and that info has been hurriedly taken down.

News of Microsoft’s Courier has been around since early last year. It is supposed to be less than an inch thick, weigh just over a pound, and is roughly the size of a 5×7 picture when both touchscreens are closed.

Originally it was supposed to run on Redmond’s Windows CE 6 operating system powered by a Tegra 2 processor. Also slated to appear are a built-in camera and a headphone jack for media playback.

The interface will be pen-based and focused on providing users with tools for writing and drawing, including handwriting recognition and a Internet-based portal for keeping track of journal entries.

What is surprising is that the advert suggests that it is basically a filofax and a diary. However, anyone could see that you do not need two screens for that. What is possible is that the job ad is to take care of the journal functionality. It also indicates that the tablet will sit on some sort of Microsoft cloud. This will provide much more functionality than anything the iPad can do with iTunes.